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Keda wood dye offers five powerful wood dye colors, in a single wood dye kit. This unique, wood dye colors kit, gives the user an ability to create over one gallon of vibrant, eco friendly wood stain in numerous wood dye stain colors. This is not the average wood dye, or wood stain. Each five gram packet of our powerful wood dye colors can make approximately one quart of wood stain dye, by simply mixing with warm tap water or alcohol. Enhance your wood finishes to the exotic by using our wood dyes by them self, with other wood dye, or in concert with canned wood stains. Either way, the Keda wood dye kit saves you the hassle and cost of ordering multiple wood dye colors, and offers one of the best wood finishes available anywhere. Although our hybrid wood dyes are very powerful and color potent, they still remain an eco friendly, non toxic, wood stain option, that does not release toxic VOC's that other wood finishes may contain.

Keda Wood Dyes Kit

The Keda wood dye kit, contains the following wood dye colors: Blue, Yellow, Golden Brown, Red (with a pink wood stain option) and Black wood dye per every wood dye colors kit (Single Wood Dye Colors Also Available). Mixing these primary wood dye colors in varied amounts also allows you the ability to create numerous, custom wood dye stain colors, for an enhanced wood finishing experience. The high powered wood dye packets contain five potent grams per rich, wood dye color, and just five grams of our hybrid wood dye, will make about one quart of high quality wood dye stain. Keda wood dye never contains fillers which may reduce our color potency, so please, view our wood dye Photo Gallery or Customer Pics for a visual sample. See what experienced eBayers are saying about our high performance wood dye kit Visit Our eBay Store: kedawooddyes.


 - Mix wood dyes with warm tap water/alcohol to create a color potent eco wood stain.

 - Alcohol dyes - If mixing as alcohol based dye, we recommend adding a few drops of water to help the dyes dissolve fully and increase volume.

 - Make numerous wood dye stain colors by simply mixing the five primary dye colors in varied amounts to create your own custom wood dye stain colors.

 - Affordable, no VOC's, wood dye kit makes over 1 Gal. of wood dye stain, five individual color quarts of the five primary wood dye colors.

 - Rich, clean, clear, and powerful wood dye colors, perfect for DIY wood stain.

 - Add the aniline dye in varied amounts to hot tap water/alcohol, mix, apply, and wipe off. It really is that easy to make custom wood finishes.

 - Create your own wood dye color highlights for any canned type wood stain, or use with other wood dyes to truly enhance all wood finishes.

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