About Our Interior Wood Stain in Wisconsin

Let the beauty and brilliance of your woodworking projects shine with the help of Keda Dye. We are a leading supplier of interior wood stain in Wisconsin that helps woodworkers and hobbyists apply eye-popping colors to their furniture and wooden surfaces that require a layer of personality. When you choose our dye kits, you can put on the finishing touches with confidence.

We’re a team with a passion for woodworking. It is this dedication that has helped us start this business. What started as a personal wood finish project in our basement has turned into a line of brilliant wood dyes, stains, and finish kits. We received a high volume of requests for our incredible wood dye colors, and things took off from there.

The Environmentally Conscious Company

Woodworking is akin to working with Nature. After all, it is the trees that inspire us to create beautiful pieces of furniture, guitars, pens, and much more. At the same time, we understand that partaking of Nature’s bounty can also incur certain costs. By taking steps to protect our environment, we can ensure that future generations might enjoy these gifts as well.

As woodworkers and artisans, we are mindful of the effects our production and shipping processes have on the environment. Therefore, we make every effort to cut our carbon footprint wherever we can. From the formulation of our dye mixing kits to the packaging they are shipped in, we take every step to demonstrate environmentally sustainable practices.

Our powder dye kits and mixes help reduce in-home VOCs, emissions, fuel waste, landfill clutter, space clutter, and the eco-footprint we leave in our lives. For instance, our dye kits do not utilize oil-based additives. Additionally, our powder kits come in five base colors, which may be mixed to create a nearly limitless array of different colors. Our options ensure variety, while also saving space and resources.

When we ship our orders, we do our best to protect the environment. We strive to reduce wasted cans, bottles, and numerous other unnecessary fuel resources. We ship with minimal or recyclable packaging, and we choose shipping processes that utilize environmentally sound practices.

Contact our company to place your order for our wood dye kits. We are based in Wisconsin and offer worldwide shipping.

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