Dyes & Stains from Wisconsin That Treat Your Guitar with Respect

You may be someone who takes the stage with your guitar, so the look of your instrument is a vital part of your stage persona. Even if you play around the campfire, you love crooning tunes to the accompaniment of this old friend. These may be a few of the reasons you want to jazz it up. We recommend Keda Dye guitar stain from Wisconsin, made for sprucing up its appearance.

Wood staining is a process that honors the beauty of the grain, knots, and whorls that make wood unique. You don’t want to cover up the grain and lose that look. Instead, enhance its appeal with our DIY staining dye kits.

Amping Up Your Guitar’s Appeal

Our company specializes in dyes and stains that are friendly to the environment. This makes excellent sense for a natural material. Our gentle but effective products provide results that bring out the best in wood, and you’ll play a key role in bringing back the beauty of your guitar.

Our kits come with five colors that you can mix and match as you choose, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, our website has much more information on the application process. The objective is to revitalize your guitar’s appearance while enhancing your appreciation of the music you make together.

Guitar Stain from Wisconsin