Quality Dye Kits for Wood

Discover the transformative power of Keda Dye's wood stain kits. With our eco-friendly wood staining solutions, you can quickly achieve a striking new aesthetic for your wood pieces. Whether used individually or blended with other dyes or stains, our dye kits offer the convenience of five potent wood stain colors in one package.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your wood staining process and save costs by ordering our comprehensive dye kits. Contact us now to unlock the secrets of dye mixing and receive invaluable application tips.

Why Choose Our Dye Kits

At Keda Dye, we believe in the intrinsic beauty of woodworking as a reflection of nature. With an unwavering commitment to value and environmental consciousness, our products are meticulously manufactured in small batches. This approach ensures that every item in our collection is environmentally friendly and safe for people using them.

Our dye kits offer the convenience of space-saving storage and are prepared for immediate use whenever you need them. Below, you can discover our selection of affordable dye kits to elevate your next project with the brilliant finish it truly deserves. Feel free to explore and find the perfect match for your woodworking needs.

Our Products

Powdered Wood Stain Kits

Our wood dye powder kits come in five colors, offering various options for your staining needs. Each color is designed to make approximately one quart of wood stain dye when mixed with warm water or isopropyl alcohol. Our dyes are filler-free, ensuring maximum color potency. Each kit includes the following:

  • 5g. – Golden Brown
  • 5g. – Royal Blue
  • 5g. – Sunflower Yellow
  • 5g. – Fire Engine Red
  • 5g. – Coal Black

Liquid Wood Stain Kits

Our liquid wood dye kits are available in five different colors. Each kit can produce approximately two quarts of solvent-based color stain when combined with non-oil-based solvents, such as lacquer thinner, denatured alcohol, or acetone. Our liquid dye kits include the following:

  • 1 oz. – Walnut Brown
  • 1 oz. – Royal Blue
  • 1 oz. – Amber Yellow
  • 1 oz. – Bright Crimson Red
  • 1 oz. – Coal Black

Dye Kits User Guide


Ensuring personal safety should be a priority when using any wood finishing product. Mix the wood dyes with cool water to avoid burns, and adjust the color tone by adding more dye or reducing the amount of water. Apply the liquid stain using various methods, such as a sponge, brush, spray gun, or lint-free cloth. Before applying it to the intended surface, conduct a color test on a scrap piece of the same wood type or an inconspicuous spot. Once the dye has dried, assess the color, keeping in mind that it may appear dull initially but will transform once the topcoat sealer is applied.

Color Mixing

Our dye kits can create endless color possibilities by mixing them. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • Yellow + Red = Orange
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Red + Brown = Mahogany

Aniline Dye Color Kits


Our powder dye kits can last several years if stored in a cool, dry place protected from air and intense light. Once mixed, they will last for days to several months if tightly covered and kept away from harsh light; however, the color may become weaker over time. For longer storage of the blue dye powder after mixing, it is recommended to mix it with isopropyl alcohol.

Similarly, liquid dye kits will last long if tightly covered and stored away from intense light, heat, and open flames. Liquid dyes can be flammable, especially when mixed with solvents. For optimal results, it is best to use fresh dye stain solutions.

Customize Any Wood Surface with Our Dye Kits

Enhance your favorite wood surfaces' appearance, texture, and character with our affordable and long-lasting dye kits. Our versatile powder- and liquid-stained dyes offer limitless possibilities and allow you to unleash your creativity. Whether you're working on cabinets, tables, seating, or musical instruments like guitars, our wood stain kits will give your projects a new and captivating character.

Order Wood Stain Kits From Us

Get quality dye kits from Keya Dye today. We are pleased to offer free shipping with tracking on all orders within the US. For international wood dye powder orders over $75, shipping is also free. In addition, we provide a 30-day 100% quality guarantee for your peace of mind. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item, and we will gladly exchange or refund your order. Your satisfaction is our top priority.