Colorful Kits for Wood Furniture Staining in Wisconsin

You’ve finally found the time to sand and prep that old dresser or table that you’ve been planning to refinish. The next step is finding the supplies for wood furniture staining in Wisconsin to get the job done right. You can rely on our products at Keda Dye as we have a wide range of colors and kits to choose from for all types of wood.

Enhance and highlight the grain in your wooden furniture with one of our eco-friendly products. You can choose from wood dye power kits which you can mix with warm water or isopropyl alcohol, or you can use one of our liquid wood dye kits that you mix with a solvent.

Pine Wood Dye Table That Goes With Custom Table and Fixtures

Live edge epoxy resin Keda Dye to color resin

The use of our wood dye products is only limited by your imagination. By easily mixing colors, you can come up with just about any shade under the sun. Not only are our dyes easy to mix, but they’re also easy to use on any species of wood and any product, from a chair to a guitar. You will be assured of a vibrant finish by simply applying the stain, wiping off the excess, and sealing the finished product. You can place your order with us today and start renewing furniture and other items in your home.