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Wood Dye Tips & Tricks for Your Coloring Projects

Dying wood is an excellent option to add color to any project. When applied correctly, wood dye provides a unique and natural-looking finish highlighting its texture and grain. Achieve the best results by following different tips and tricks, such as choosing UV light-resistant pigments, mixing the dye constantly, and adding a finishing coat.

Choosing UV-Resistant Pigments

Look for pigments or a combination pigment with dye stain specifically formulated to protect the wood against UV rays. Over time, constant exposure to sunlight could fade the color of a non-UV-resistant dye. Countless dyes and mixtures could be used in coloring projects, but moderately saturated colors are ideal in case they fade away.

Mixing the Wood Dye Thoroughly

Before using the dye, it’s important to mix it thoroughly and periodically during the staining process. Some dyes settle at the bottom of the container, creating a concentrated layer that could result in uneven coloring. Therefore, stir it every 10 to 15 minutes during your coloring project.

Adding a Finish Coat

Applying a finish coat could protect the surface once the wood dye has been applied and dried completely. Finishing is crucial as it prevents color fading and ensures a smooth surface. Following the manufacturer’s instructions also ensures a successful and lasting finish coat.

Red epoxy resin on live edge using Keda red liquid dye

The Secret to Beautiful Wood Staining with Keda Dye Products

Are you tired of ordinary wood staining products that leave your furniture looking dull and lifeless? Look no further than Keda Dye products. Keda Dye is the expert in wood staining, with a range of high-quality products that will turn any dull piece into a captivating masterpiece. As an experienced and reliable provider of wood staining products, Keda Dye makes sure that all of its products come with a long list of unique qualities that set them apart from competitors.

Versatility – Keda Dye products are incredibly versatile, with an endless range of colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a bold and vibrant finish or a subtle and natural tone, Keda Dye has you covered. Their products are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers alike and can also be used on a wide variety of surfaces and wood types.

Quality – Keda Dye products are made with the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a product that produces rich, vibrant colors that will last for years to come.

Customizability – Highly customizable, Keda Dye products can be easily mixed with other colorants, pigments, or resins to create your own custom hue.

Easy to Use – Keda Dye products are straightforward to use, even for beginners. They come with clear instructions and quick-drying formulas that make them ideal for those with less experience with wood staining.

Vibrant Multicolored Alcohol Dyed Boards

How to Personalize Your Wooden Items with Liquid Dye

You don’t have to be a professional to achieve great-looking results with Keda Dye on wood. As the creators of the premier liquid dye in Manitowoc, WI, and the region, we’ve seen countless customers produce beautiful, customized wooden goods using our products. Follow these recommendations to create your own personalized creations with Keda Dye.

Choose the Perfect Color

Since our liquid dye products are extremely color-potent, your final result will feature a vibrant hue. Thus, it’s important to make sure you choose the perfect color for your vision. If you don’t see the shade you want among our base products, you can always experiment with mixing to create a truly one-of-a-kind hue.

Test the Dye First

If you’re inexperienced, you may not yet have a good eye for determining how a color will look when it is fully set in and dried. We advise that you test the color on a separate piece of similar wood to see for yourself how it will look and adjust your liquid dye mixture as needed.

Prepare the Wood Thoroughly

Using 150-180 grit sandpaper, sand down your wooden surface to open the material’s pores. This preparation makes it easier for the liquid dye to seep deep into the wood grain for a more layered and eye-catching look.

mahogany wood staining using brush

Mahogany Wood Stain: How to Get the Right Look

Adding a beautiful new stain to your wood is an easy way to breathe new life into it. But how do you find the right mahogany wood stain in Wisconsin? It actually isn’t that hard! First, mahogany has an open pore structure resembling that of walnut and oak. That means it stains easily. Want a flat, smooth feel? Apply a grain filler before staining. Are you looking for a more textured surface? Just apply the wood stain without grain filling.

As mentioned, mahogany will accept nearly all kinds of wood stains, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better options than others. In this case, water-based stains offer the best results, especially if you are looking for a rougher texture. These stains will raise the grain and create that nice, textured feel you are after. You can then sand down the surface to make it smooth to the touch. Penetrating oil-based stains can also provide impressive results.

Something to remember is that some types of stains tend to do better when bringing out specific colors. If you are interested in learning more about choosing the right kind of stain to meet your project goals, you should reach out to your local wood staining professionals.

Can You Use a Wood Stain on Your Guitar?

Sometimes you love your acoustic guitar, but you don’t love the way it looks. Maybe the color doesn’t suit you, or it has simply seen better days. The good news is that you can refresh your instrument’s appearance easily with a guitar stain in Wisconsin.

All wood products can be stained or re-stained, and that includes wooden acoustic guitars. However, to achieve great-looking results, you must follow the correct process and use a reliable stain product. The easiest approach is to order a guitar dye kit that includes everything you need, but here are the basics of what you should know.

Remove Any Existing Finish: Be sure to remove any finish, coating, or wax that your guitar currently has. You’ll need to sand the surface until you have a smooth, clean canvas for your new stain.

Work Carefully: Guitars are surprisingly delicate instruments. While you’re working, be careful not to damage the soundboard, as this could alter your guitar’s sound. Furthermore, you may have to remove the bridge to achieve the look you want; be very cautious while attempting this.

Use a Good Sealer: After all your hard work, you want to ensure your new guitar stain lasts. We recommend using a high-quality UV-protecting wood sealer after the stain dries.

Color Aluminum Foil For Craft Project Using This Wood Dye As An Art Dye

Mixed Keda Crimson Red Liquid Wood Dye Into Nitro Lacquer and air brushed colored lacquer onto aluminum foil for an added texture as an art dye for this craft project and it worked great!

Coloring Wood With Shou Sugi Ban, Yakisugi, or Woodburning and Wood Dye

I pulled out my once trusted blow torch to try and do a wood coloring video using a Japanese wood burning technique called Shou Sugi Ban, and then color the wood with a wood dye from Keda Dye. Shou Sugi Ban is also known as Yakisugi which translates from Japanese to English as “Yaki” means to heat with fire, and “sugi” is cypress. The translation of Shou Sugi Ban translates into English as “Burn Cedar Board or Plank” However in this video presentation, the wood board used is Douglass Fir, and the overall bench has a chipboard work surface with a Pine frame.

I hope it helps give some ideas and demonstrates fairly well a new wood finishing technique.

Wood dye used in this project was the Keda Royal Blue Liquid Alcohol Dye, but any of the Keda Dyes will work just fine.


The blue dye was mixed into acetone at a ratio of 1 tsp blue dye to 12 ounces of acetone. I let the dye stain rest overnight, due to time constraints. The Douglass Fir 2″x 4″ wood beam was sanded with 150 grit sandpaper, just like the chipboard and Pine was when they were dye stained.

I really hope this helps someone out, and that it is a good demonstration which will help someone accomplish a nice Shou Sugi Ban wood burning finish, and possibly a Shou Sugi Ban with a beautiful wood color finish to enhance the look even further.

Thank you again for watching, as well as all of your support and comments related to woodworking.

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Making A Bright Red Dye Stain Using The Keda Dye Powder 5 Color Wood Stain Kit

Here I try to show how to color wood a very bright red just in time for Christmas. This red stain color would make a perfect red  for that wooden Santa Claus, adding that little extra touch of vibrancy to your woodwork. I am using one of the best, most vibrant, versatile wood coloring options available, called Keda Dye 

I create this bright red stain by mixing the Keda red stain powder with just a touch of the yellow stain powder into a splash of water, then add rubbing alcohol to help create a little cleaner look to the red finish. The Keda Dye stain powder kit has 5 wood stain colors in one very easy to use kit.

I also try to show how by using different grit sandpapers, you can achieve different wood colors, on wood ranging from Pink stain to a deep bright red stain. There is quite a bit of flexibility with the Keda Dye 5 color kit has.  


For the wood sanding, I went with a 150 grit, which allows for a little better color absorption, and for the coral or hot pink stain color, I went with a 220 – 320 sanding to help reduce the color absorption, creating the lighter pink wood tone.  The wood I used in this red stain video was a hard Maple that does have some slight figuring, but I chose Maple because of the neutral wood color that Maple offers. As for the color mixing ratios them self, they are as follows:

Red Dye ratio was:

1 oz water 3 oz Rubbing Alcohol (or dyes can be mixed into all water)

Keda Red Stain Powder = 1/4th Tsp (0.75 – 0.85 Grams by weight)

Keda Yellow Stain Powder = half of a small pea size (Which you will see in the video ; ) 

I applied the red stain to the wood using a white cotton cloth rag, let it dry good, and for the sealing process, I sealed this red wood formulation with Krylon Triple Thick Glaze ( Which I think is actually intended for pottery lol, but it still worked out). Hey thank you for checking this out, and I really hope that it helps someone pout in their project!

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Blue Gun Colored with Blue Dye

Jaret wanted to create a beautiful blue gun using the Keda liquid blue dye. This was his results:

Blue Gun Using Keda liquid blue dye

Blue Gun Colored With Keda Liquid Blue Dye

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blue rifle. We were so excited to see how this turned out, and for letting us share how the Keda Dye blue stain dye worked on coloring this rifle’s wood blue. Looks great!

Small Businesses Around The USA Depending On Keda Dye Products To Support Their Business

Keda Dye is so proud to be a part of so many woodworkers’ projects all across the United States. We are so proud and honored to be able offer our wood dye products, which allows numerous small business owners from around the World, the ability to add value to their woodwork, which affords them a way to make a living and means to support their families. We understand the tremendous responsibilities associated with offering our products, as so many other businesses are depending on us to continue offering our wood finish products. We promise we will do our very best to try and make those depending on us proud, as well as all of those businesses we support, that are depending on our ability to continue supporting their products. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and just wanted to thank all of our Customers, for if nothing else, allowing us the opportunity to have served a need in your life. We hope those depending on us to supply our products, understand that there is so much beyond our control that allows us to do what we do. With that said, it really has been such an honor to have had the ability to try and help out fellow woodworkers and crafters, with a concept and product I personally have built from the ground up. I have met so many absolutely wonderful people along this journey, and grew close to many of you. Keda Dye has literally restored my faith in humanity in so many ways.

Small Business Restaurant Keda Dye

I know that it is difficult in the World we live in, to have faith in Humanity. Please know, that from my experience from the business side, at least with my experiences, most people in the World, are good, descent, hard working people, that are very honest with amazing integrity. Many of them would go out of their way to help out a fellow Human. Many times we get caught up in such a small spectrum of what our World really is.  Sometimes, local communities are looking at what a small business is only doing for a local community, States looking at it as to what a small business does for the State, etc. when in reality, a small business can touch the lives of so many people from around the World. Many small businesses even offer many people an opportunity to enhance their way of life, by using the products they offer, and adding value with better profits to what they do. I can honestly say, it has been an honor for Keda Dye to be a part of those lives from around World. To try and provide a product and service that has affected so many hobbyists, and small business owners lives is definitely a tremendous challenge. What started out as a means to create my own personal wood finishes for trinkets, which I was trying to make for gifting to others, has grown into a meaningful life experience, as our small business began to grow as your business grew.

Keda Dye Logo

Many of you truly depend on us to provide our products, so you can continue to do what you do. Many specialized custom wood stain color formulas have been created using Keda Dyes for the success of your small business and applying to many of your main selling  or specialized Custom products. Many simply prefer to use our unique signature primary stain colors that come in the 5 color wood dye kits. Either way, it truly has been a humbling experience to be the Founder of a small business, which literally started in my workshop, from the things that I learned while tinkering in my Grandfather’s work shop and the knowledge he had gathered from his Grandfather and worldly travels from his working career. Now, that handed down learned knowledge, along with some further refinements, coupled with my original concept for the multi color wood stain kit, touches the lives of so many other incredibly talented people. Your business has become as much a part of Keda Dye, as Keda Dye has become a part of your business projects. Maybe someday, I will get into the entire story of how Keda Dye progressed as it did if there is enough interest in that.

Small business carpenters depend on Keda Dye

I cannot promise we will be around forever, but I do promise I will absolutely do my best, to try and make you proud of how your woodworking products look using Keda Dye products, as well as to try and answer the many questions that are always arising about the wood finishing products. The World of wood finish products is a very difficult world to belong to. There are so many challenges, and the years that it takes to build trust in the woodworking and crafts community, is a breed onto itself. From guitar builders ranging from Minnesota to France, from California, to New York, and all the way to Italy. Wood workers from Arizona to the United Kingdom. Wood turners from Kentucky to Australia. Leather crafts from Washington to Russia.  Skilled Crafters from Florida all the way up into Canada. I personally, just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you to all of you, for giving us the chance to serve my fellow Brothers and Sisters of small businesses, as well as those fierce and efficient weekend warriors. Thank you. It is our greatest hope that we have or ever will let you down.

Small busniess woodworkers around the USA/Canada Depending on Keda Dye

If we ever do fail, I have to believe that it is not going to be based on our products performance, our ability to provide Customer Care, the value we try to offer with our product, and certainly not the quality wood finish our product provides. I believe that failure would arise from an outside influence that we will have very little to no control over. We will always try our best to prevent such a thing from ever happening, as so many of you are depending on us for your finely crafted work, and a means to make your livings. I will always do my best to keep you and your wood covered lol… It really is our greatest hope that we are able to maintain our integrity and service for your projects for many years to come. Thank you again for all that you do, and in case nobody has told you lately, “I am proud of You”.


With Our Kindest, Most Sincere Regards….

Your Fan,

Keith Y


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