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Making A Bright Red Dye Stain Using The Keda Dye Powder 5 Color Wood Stain Kit

Here I try to show how to color wood a very bright red just in time for Christmas. This red stain color would make a perfect red  for that wooden Santa Claus, adding that little extra touch of vibrancy to your woodwork. I am using one of the best, most vibrant, versatile wood coloring options available, called Keda Dye 

I create this bright red stain by mixing the Keda red stain powder with just a touch of the yellow stain powder into a splash of water, then add rubbing alcohol to help create a little cleaner look to the red finish. The Keda Dye stain powder kit has 5 wood stain colors in one very easy to use kit.

I also try to show how by using different grit sandpapers, you can achieve different wood colors, on wood ranging from Pink stain to a deep bright red stain. There is quite a bit of flexibility with the Keda Dye 5 color kit has.  


For the wood sanding, I went with a 150 grit, which allows for a little better color absorption, and for the coral or hot pink stain color, I went with a 220 – 320 sanding to help reduce the color absorption, creating the lighter pink wood tone.  The wood I used in this red stain video was a hard Maple that does have some slight figuring, but I chose Maple because of the neutral wood color that Maple offers. As for the color mixing ratios them self, they are as follows:

Red Dye ratio was:

1 oz water 3 oz Rubbing Alcohol (or dyes can be mixed into all water)

Keda Red Stain Powder = 1/4th Tsp (0.75 – 0.85 Grams by weight)

Keda Yellow Stain Powder = half of a small pea size (Which you will see in the video ; ) 

I applied the red stain to the wood using a white cotton cloth rag, let it dry good, and for the sealing process, I sealed this red wood formulation with Krylon Triple Thick Glaze ( Which I think is actually intended for pottery lol, but it still worked out). Hey thank you for checking this out, and I really hope that it helps someone pout in their project!

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