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Blue Gun Colored with Blue Dye

Jaret wanted to create a beautiful blue gun using the Keda liquid blue dye. This was his results:

Blue Gun Using Keda liquid blue dye

Blue Gun Colored With Keda Liquid Blue Dye

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blue rifle. We were so excited to see how this turned out, and for letting us share how the Keda Dye blue stain dye worked on coloring this rifle’s wood blue. Looks great!

Small Businesses Around The USA Depending On Keda Dye Products To Support Their Business

Keda Dye is so proud to be a part of so many woodworkers’ projects all across the United States. We are so proud and honored to be able offer our wood dye products, which allows numerous small business owners from around the World, the ability to add value to their woodwork, which affords them a way to make a living and means to support their families. We understand the tremendous responsibilities associated with offering our products, as so many other businesses are depending on us to continue offering our wood finish products. We promise we will do our very best to try and make those depending on us proud, as well as all of those businesses we support, that are depending on our ability to continue supporting their products. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and just wanted to thank all of our Customers, for if nothing else, allowing us the opportunity to have served a need in your life. We hope those depending on us to supply our products, understand that there is so much beyond our control that allows us to do what we do. With that said, it really has been such an honor to have had the ability to try and help out fellow woodworkers and crafters, with a concept and product I personally have built from the ground up. I have met so many absolutely wonderful people along this journey, and grew close to many of you. Keda Dye has literally restored my faith in humanity in so many ways.

Small Business Restaurant Keda Dye

I know that it is difficult in the World we live in, to have faith in Humanity. Please know, that from my experience from the business side, at least with my experiences, most people in the World, are good, descent, hard working people, that are very honest with amazing integrity. Many of them would go out of their way to help out a fellow Human. Many times we get caught up in such a small spectrum of what our World really is.  Sometimes, local communities are looking at what a small business is only doing for a local community, States looking at it as to what a small business does for the State, etc. when in reality, a small business can touch the lives of so many people from around the World. Many small businesses even offer many people an opportunity to enhance their way of life, by using the products they offer, and adding value with better profits to what they do. I can honestly say, it has been an honor for Keda Dye to be a part of those lives from around World. To try and provide a product and service that has affected so many hobbyists, and small business owners lives is definitely a tremendous challenge. What started out as a means to create my own personal wood finishes for trinkets, which I was trying to make for gifting to others, has grown into a meaningful life experience, as our small business began to grow as your business grew.

Keda Dye Logo

Many of you truly depend on us to provide our products, so you can continue to do what you do. Many specialized custom wood stain color formulas have been created using Keda Dyes for the success of your small business and applying to many of your main selling  or specialized Custom products. Many simply prefer to use our unique signature primary stain colors that come in the 5 color wood dye kits. Either way, it truly has been a humbling experience to be the Founder of a small business, which literally started in my workshop, from the things that I learned while tinkering in my Grandfather’s work shop and the knowledge he had gathered from his Grandfather and worldly travels from his working career. Now, that handed down learned knowledge, along with some further refinements, coupled with my original concept for the multi color wood stain kit, touches the lives of so many other incredibly talented people. Your business has become as much a part of Keda Dye, as Keda Dye has become a part of your business projects. Maybe someday, I will get into the entire story of how Keda Dye progressed as it did if there is enough interest in that.

Small business carpenters depend on Keda Dye

I cannot promise we will be around forever, but I do promise I will absolutely do my best, to try and make you proud of how your woodworking products look using Keda Dye products, as well as to try and answer the many questions that are always arising about the wood finishing products. The World of wood finish products is a very difficult world to belong to. There are so many challenges, and the years that it takes to build trust in the woodworking and crafts community, is a breed onto itself. From guitar builders ranging from Minnesota to France, from California, to New York, and all the way to Italy. Wood workers from Arizona to the United Kingdom. Wood turners from Kentucky to Australia. Leather crafts from Washington to Russia.  Skilled Crafters from Florida all the way up into Canada. I personally, just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you to all of you, for giving us the chance to serve my fellow Brothers and Sisters of small businesses, as well as those fierce and efficient weekend warriors. Thank you. It is our greatest hope that we have or ever will let you down.

Small busniess woodworkers around the USA/Canada Depending on Keda Dye

If we ever do fail, I have to believe that it is not going to be based on our products performance, our ability to provide Customer Care, the value we try to offer with our product, and certainly not the quality wood finish our product provides. I believe that failure would arise from an outside influence that we will have very little to no control over. We will always try our best to prevent such a thing from ever happening, as so many of you are depending on us for your finely crafted work, and a means to make your livings. I will always do my best to keep you and your wood covered lol… It really is our greatest hope that we are able to maintain our integrity and service for your projects for many years to come. Thank you again for all that you do, and in case nobody has told you lately, “I am proud of You”.


With Our Kindest, Most Sincere Regards….

Your Fan,

Keith Y


Keda Dye LLC

Color Epoxy To Make Vibrant Live Edge Table

A few drops of Keda liquid dye was added to color epoxy resin, to create a gorgeous, vibrant colored epoxy resin for this beautiful live edge wood slab. Coloring epoxy resin and pouring that vibrant unique wood finish in and around the voids, is a great way to fill in wood voids and live edges to create unique wood art. Mixing Keda Dye liquid into epoxy resin is an easy, beautiful way to create unique wood finishes like this. The value of this wood slab was increased significantly from adding the epoxy colors. Ben made a much better profit margin for his small business from the added custom wood color work on this project by adding the colored resin made with adding Keda liquid dye.

Red Color Epoxy Resin With Keda Dye

Ked liquid dye added to epoxy resin

Red epoxy resin on live edge using Keda red liquid dye

Live edge epoxy resin Keda Dye to color resin

This wood finish process also works great for scroll work pieces, as well as many other creative wood projects. Keda liquid dye will even color Lacquer, Shellac, or other non oil based wood finish sealers to add another layer of unique, custom wood finishes to add just the right touch to your woodworking projects.

Color Epoxy With Keda Liquid Dye Poured Into Scrollwork

As shown in this scroll saw cut out heart, adding colored epoxy resin to your scrolling works, can really add a pop to your finished pieces. This piece used Keda liquid dye, and consisted of the: blue dye, red, and yellow dye. The red epoxy resin in this piece had 10 drops of Keda Crimson Red liquid dye added to 2.5 ounces of marine epoxy resin. The blue epoxy resin was made with 10 Drops Keda Blue Liquid Dye Added To 1.5 oz of epoxy resin. The yellow epoxy was made by adding 1 Drop of Keda Amber Yellow liquid dye To 1.0 oz of the resin. The wood framing of this scroll work was colored black using the Keda Coal black liquid dye at a ratio of 6 drops of Keda liquid black dye to 2 ounces of denatured alcohol and 2 coats of the black dye stain were applied directly to the wood surface and sealed with a polymerized boiled linseed oil. Either way, using the Keda liquid dyes to make colored epoxy resin is an easy way to add that splash of color to your wood working projects.

Wet Sand Polish Sealer – Can You Polish Spar Urethane?

Wet Sand Polish Sealer. Can you polish Spar Urethane? Here is a video that shows it is possible to polish sealers This video details my first experience at polishing a softer polymer sealer like Spar Urethane 🙂

Wet sand and Polish Sealer on a wood finish, where I wet sand, and polish Spar Urethane. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not Spar Urethane can be wet sanded and polished, so I decided to try the wet sand and polish sealer process myself for the Spar. Varied opinions said that Spar would melt , chip or burn through during the polishing sealer process. With this video, I decided to give the sealer wet sand and polish process a try, and document what I did on this wood finish.

So, can you wet sand and polish Spar Urethane wood finish? In my opinion you can. I also believe, if you can wet sand and polish Spar, it should be pretty easy to wet sand and polish wood sealers like lacquer, Shellac, and many other types of wood finish and sealers.

The wood finish color was made using wood stain product from Keda Dye. I used the liquid alcohol dye and mixed the dyes into denatured alcohol. Those wood dye products can be found as follows:
Crimson Red Stain – Keda liquid Dye
Coal Black Stain – Keda liquid Dye

Located on the Keda Dye website under liquid dyes:

The wood sealer used was Helmsman Spar Urethane