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Wet Sand Polish Sealer – Can You Polish Spar Urethane?

Wet Sand Polish Sealer. Can you polish Spar Urethane? Here is a video that shows it is possible to polish sealers This video details my first experience at polishing a softer polymer sealer like Spar Urethane 🙂

Wet sand and Polish Sealer on a wood finish, where I wet sand, and polish Spar Urethane. There is a lot of debate as to whether or not Spar Urethane can be wet sanded and polished, so I decided to try the wet sand and polish sealer process myself for the Spar. Varied opinions said that Spar would melt , chip or burn through during the polishing sealer process. With this video, I decided to give the sealer wet sand and polish process a try, and document what I did on this wood finish.

So, can you wet sand and polish Spar Urethane wood finish? In my opinion you can. I also believe, if you can wet sand and polish Spar, it should be pretty easy to wet sand and polish wood sealers like lacquer, Shellac, and many other types of wood finish and sealers.

The wood finish color was made using wood stain product from Keda Dye. I used the liquid alcohol dye and mixed the dyes into denatured alcohol. Those wood dye products can be found as follows:
Crimson Red Stain – Keda liquid Dye
Coal Black Stain – Keda liquid Dye

Located on the Keda Dye website under liquid dyes:

The wood sealer used was Helmsman Spar Urethane