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Keda Dye Blog Introduction

Welcome to the first ever Keda Dye Blog! First, we would sincerely like to thank everyone, that has been supporting us through our journey, as well as coming to visit our website. We will try as best we can to keep these blogs: brief, detailed, helpful, and lighthearted.

So what is our intention with such a powerful tool?  Some of the main topics we intend on using this blog for, is to share items such as:

  • Customer submitted images and stories
  • Some of our own interesting stories
  • Wood prep techniques
  • Wood dye color formulas
  • Other things our dyes can be used for
  • Using different sealer types – advantages and disadvantages
  • Keda Powder Dye vs Keda Liquid Dye
  • Mixing the dyes with different reagents – advantages and disadvantages
  • Keda Dyes as a Leather Dye
  • Guest Blogs
  • Videos/Pictures
  • Sharing some of our History
  • Diluted vs Concentrated dye mixing ratios – Why, When, Where you would want to consider either
  • Guitar Staining
  • Dying various woods
  • Wood Dye Tips and Tricks

Either way, it is our greatest hope that you will find some value in these blogs, maybe find some humor, as well as finding some wood finishing tips and tricks that may help you along in your journey. We will try our best to continue to do what we do, so that you can continue to do what it is that you do.

Thank you again.

With Our Kindest, Most Sincere Regards,

Keda Dye LLC